24 Hours in San Diego

Mission Bay San Diego

Hello 🙂

We packed up our car and hit the road towards San Diego. It was sad leaving L.A. because we knew that we were pretty much halfway through our holiday. It was flying by way too quickly!

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The Chinese Theatre | A Tour of Hollywood | Beverly Hills

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

Hi everyone!


Day 3 of our holiday began with another trip to Hollywood. This time we took a tour of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, which is a movie theatre used for lots of premieres and events. Ryan Gosling and Matt Bomer were actually there just a couple of days after for the premiere of The Nice Guy. The theatre can be seen in lots of movies and tv shows, including Singing in the Rain (which I have still yet to see!).

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Travel on a Budget

Travel on a budget
It’s officially summer and while lots of people are jet setting on summer holidays around the globe, you might be wondering how you too can afford a vacation. Today’s blog post is going to be my top tips for travelling while on a budget. Personal Capital actually gave me the idea to do this post, so if you are looking for help with budgeting or want more tips, they cover everything from travelling tips to budgeting for a wedding! **FYI, I am not being paid to do this post**

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