Seaport & Battery Park | Nov 2015


Hello again, I’m back with another post!
Who would have thought that I’d be sitting in the sun in Seaport, admiring the stunning views while waiting for class to start.. in November? Definitely not me! The weather is absolutely incredible for this time of the year. It definitely makes going to class a lot harder!

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Lunch at The Plaza & Central Park | 2 Nov 2015

The Plaza, New York

I’ve always dreamed of living at The Plaza with a view overlooking Central Park (someday. . .). But so far, the closest I have come to that is by lunching there with friends. I actually didn’t know that there was a food hall open to the public. I always imagined The Plaza to be a real exclusive hotel, and not one that allows members of the public to enter without being a guest.Continue reading

Exploring Midtown | 1 Nov 2015

November began with a little exploring in Midtown. I headed uptown on the subway to meet my friends at Times Square – the craziest place on earth! It is a place that you really want to avoid but you just can’t help feeling the excitement from everyone around you. It is a maze trying to walk around there. I would suggest going early morning on a weekday if you want to avoid the massive crowds! We took some pictures on the Broadway steps, and ran into my old friend – The Naked Cowboy, who is certainly not afraid to pose for the camera!¬†Continue reading