Last Minute Cocktails and A Scary Flight Home!3 min read

British airways plane with dark sky

With only a few hours left in Vegas, it was time to make the very most of every minute! We got up early and grabbed a few pastries and bread rolls from the Bouchon Bakery before Sarah and I headed to the Fashion Show Mall.

On the way over to the mall we passed the Wynn Hotel which looked gorgeous – I couldn’t help taking photos!
I had hardly been in a shop for the whole trip and I really wanted to buy some new clothes! Sarah and I split up and gave ourselves 45 minutes because we also really wanted to go back and catch as much rays as possible by the pool before having to leave for our flight at 1pm.
I looked sprinted around a couple of shops but nothing grabbed my eye besides a little necklace in F21!
It was like a maze trying to find my way back to where I was meeting Sarah! It literally took me about 20 minutes to find her! We eventually found each other and headed back to our hotel, dropped off our very few shopping bags and went down to the pool.
The pool was so much busier compared to the day before but luckily the pool boy was really nice and he helped us out!
It felt so good to lie in the sun and listen to everyone around having a good time. It was so sad to think that we were going to be on a 9 hour flight home in just a few hours 🙁 We ordered some cocktails and even thought about accidentally missing our flight!
We stayed until the last minute possible before leaving to the lobby where we met our anxious moms and aunt!
I loved this sign at the airport!
Also, how cute is this little Benefit Cosmetics vending machine?!
We boarded our flight and we were really lucky to get seats at the front which gave us extra leg room – at no extra cost! However, that was the only good thing about that flight. It was all downhill from there!
The safety demonstration began on our screens as normal and then the sound started jumping and the screens all froze. Oh by the way – my aunt kindly reminded us it was Friday the 13th..
They then had to abort the digital safety demonstration and call out for a manual one to be done.
Once the plane began to take off, I have never heard noises like the ones I was hearing. It was the shakiest takeoff I have ever experienced. I really did not think we were going to make it into the air – and I’m not over exaggerating. It was really terrifying.
But luckily I survived to tell the tale! Once we landed in London, we heard that the plane was 26 years old. I think it’s time for it to retire!!
After a long day of travelling, we made it back home to Cork and the post holiday depression began to kick in.
So that’s it for our incredible holiday. It was so much fun. I will definitely have to make it back to Vegas someday soon!
But for now, it’s time to do a bit of exploring around Ireland! I’ll have a post about our girls weekend away in Killarney up soon.
Thanks for reading!
Ali x
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